Philadelphia Flower Show Springs Forward with Social Media

The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.   ~ Gertrude S. Wister

Philadelphia Flower ShowA welcome harbinger of spring’s arrival in the Delaware Valley is the annual Philadelphia Flower Show held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  In keeping with this year’s “Brilliant” theme, the flower show integrated all things British from the Concourse Village, to the English gardens, to the Empire’s signature cuisine.  And there was a definite push by the show’s organizer, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, to go social.  As Stephanie Policastro, Communications Specialist for the PHS notes, Instagram has been added to its social strategy to further enhance the growth of the Flower Show community as reported by Traci Browne of the Trade Show News Network.

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society benefits by engaging gardening enthusiasts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.   As Sree Sreenivasan of CNET News notes there are key takeaways that organizers can take advantage of to maximize the use of social media at events.  For example, the Flower Show’s hashtag and social media platforms were on display for all to see and follow.  In addition, for the purpose of generating interest and excitement during an event, tweets may be broadcast on screen via TweetBeam and Visible Tweets.  After all, social media affords us a bonus opportunity to inform and connect with event attendees.

So, what motivates you to tweet at events?  Do you use any photo sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram?  Tell us about your favorite botanical garden.

Vanaja R.

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  1. shobhasky

     /  Friday, April 5, 2013

    I have fond memories of the rows of the summertime roses at the Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

  2. Spring is definitely in the air — and what a great way to use social media, by tweeting, instagraming, you-tubing and facebooking beautiful flowers! When your product — or in this case, event — is something so beautiful, social media really can up the awareness factor. I use this tactic in a slightly more staid fashion. When attending or speaking at a conference or association meeting, we try to make the conversations and lessons learned more viral by tweeting learned facts or even photos of charts/graphs being presented. It makes for great conversations among those attending, and has even netted us some Client meetings at the event. Social posting done well really does expand awareness of your brand — and in both of these cases, netted some great conversations, better attendance and in our case, a new client opportunity.

    • Nancy, thank you for your engaging comment and for letting us know about how “social posting” at events has benefited your organization.


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