Foodies Share a Bite with Social Media

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.  ~ Julia Child

Foodies Share a Bite with Social MediaHave you used Yelp to check out a restaurant or checked in using Foursquare?  If so, you’re part of the social media revolution influencing the way we interact with dining, recently profiled on Nightly Business Report.  As the business of food has grown even more competitive and ad revenues for food magazines are declining, social media can serve up a distinct advantage.  According to Telsey Advisory’s Analyst  Tom Forte, restaurants can benefit from favorable reviews and timely user generated content.  After all, reviews on sites, such as Yelp, Grub Street, and Chowhound, can provide restaurants a recipe for success.

Today’s foodies are more sophisticated and are apt to share in communicating food experiences.  We’re even more engaged than in Julia Child’s day with the explosion of blogs, TV networks, and websites.  Christina Grdovic, Vice President and Publisher of Food and Wine magazine, notes there’s an opportunity for additional reach in the industry.  It makes sense to connect following a strategy of multiple touch points, such as magazines, web sites, apps, and newsletters, meeting food enthusiasts wherever we are.

So, have you booked reservations using OpenTable?  Do you tweet about your culinary experiences?  What’s your favorite food trend?  Share your thoughts on dining and social media.

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