Social Media Champions Chobani

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.   Thomas Watson, Sr.

Social Media Champions ChobaniEver since the early days of Chobani, social media along with word of mouth were integral to the company’s success remarks Harry Smith of NBC News’ Rock Center.  Chobani’s meteoric rise as the crème de la crème of the yogurt industry is due in no small measure to the brand’s ability to make the most of its customer and community focus observes Entrepreneur Media’s Samuel Greengard.  Likewise, the Nothing but good essence of the brand has been integrated into its online marketing efforts.  For example, Chobani’s commitment to the 2012 Olympics included six U.S. Olympians comprising Team Chobani prominently featured on social media.

Continuing the strategy of leveraging its brand ambassadors, Stuart Elliot of The New York Times notes Chobani encourages fans to share on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  More recently, its social media presence has expanded to include Pinterest.  Photo sharing sites are particularly suited to fostering food conversations online, indicates Chobani’s digital communications manager Emily Schildt in an interview with Fast Company’s Lydia Dishman.  In addition, she comments Pinterest has been helpful in showcasing various aspects of Chobani’s brand, in micro-targeting its customers, and in gaining customer insights.  In summary, Chobani’s experience demonstrates social media’s ability to connect with customers and promote customer loyalty.

So, what motivates you to follow certain brands?  Do you interact with any photo sharing sites like Instagram or Pinterest?  Share your thoughts about your favorite yogurt.

Vanaja R.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Who’s the Fairest Social Media of Them All?

A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living.  ~ Rudolf Steiner

We all remember Snow White’s stepmother, the Queen, had a fascination with being the fairest in the land.  As I look across the social media landscape, I am reminded of a modern version of this fairytale, the rivalry between Facebook and Twitter.  In our story’s most recent chapter, Twitter has added brand pages in a bid to broaden its appeal to corporate users.  I’m wondering how this social media story will play out.

If we suppose, as Steiner does, that ideally each individual is represented in the community, then a diverse social media would be a direct reflection of each one of us.  We will have to see if Twitter’s latest changes don’t compromise its unique niche appeal.  The variety of social media platforms perhaps reflect the uniqueness of their many users.

The New York Times’ research and development team’s personal data mirror, “Reveal”, gives us a glimpse into our future.  Equipped with a natural user interface, the mirror’s facial recognition capabilities, would enable us to interact with the information that we hold most dear, in essence, a truer reflection of ourselves.  So, does there really have to be just one social media platform that is the “fairest of them all?” As technology continues to innovate, we are brought closer to our truer “mirror image”, there’s room enough for each platform.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, social media’s future looks bright.  Share your thoughts on how you use social media and how it uniquely reflects you.

Vanaja R.

Augmented Mirror of the Future Reflects You and Your World

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