Target Brands for the Future with Neiman Marcus

Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.   ~ David Ogilvy

Target Brands for the FutureThis year Target is employing a new holiday promotion strategy, teaming up with Neiman Marcus to offer exclusive high end merchandise.  As Laura Heller of Forbes notes the holiday collection is a result of Target’s year-long shift towards multichannel retailing.  And as indicated by Vanderbilt University’s Marketing Professor Steven Posavac during an interview with Nightly Business Report’s Tom Hudson, Target is getting the better end of the branding deal.  There’s a potential upside for Target, appeal to shoppers’ luxury aspirations, while there’s an inherent downside for Neiman Marcus, a loss in brand exclusivity.

Target is venturing that the Neiman Marcus collection will drive momentum forward from the early days of the Black Friday start to the final days of the Christmas shopping season notes Thomas Lee of the Star Tribune.  In addition, according to Target’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Jones, the future lies in creating content that will enthusiastically be shared by brand evangelists.   Further, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren recognizes the rise of the omni-channel consumer in his recent interview with Ruben Ramirez of NBR, which makes the case for appealing to shoppers online.   YouTube’s Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday 24 Collection video is one such example of shareable content, which by the way shows the designers are poised to benefit from their association as well.

So, what do you think of Neiman Marcus and Target’s collaboration?  How do you interact with retailers?  Share your thoughts about your favorite brand partnerships.

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Special Feature – Twinkle, Twinkle Twitter Star

Target’s Christmas Champ

Shines Bright with Social Media Sparkle

Target’s innovative use of Twitter heralds Twitter’s rising star.  An up-close and humorous look at the Christmas Champ’s personal branding showcasing Target’s Twitter holiday strategy.

Twitter Address Chistmas Champ AdChristmas Champ Youtube Video

Who doesn’t chuckle when viewing Target’s Christmas Champ, comedian Maria Bamford, putting her own particularly zany spin of getting ready for the holidays!  There’s also an interesting twist this year:  the @ChristmasChamp Twitter address has been added to her TV spots.  Twitter has indeed arrived; it’s going mainstream!  Twitter is popping up everywhere and Target is leading Twitter’s next wave, integration with traditional media.  Hooray!  I must be channeling my inner Christmas Champ.

Before we pay Christmas Champ a visit, let’s get acquainted with rising star Twitter’s backstory.  Gone are the days of ‘twitter’ signifying inconsequential bursts; here to stay… direct engagement with the fans and the opportunity to sell, sell, sell.  Sure regifting last year’s TV ads is still the rage, but tweeting digital content and conversing with fans is what’s red hot.

At this time of year, we’re on a first-name basis with Christmas.  So, we’ve got exclusive access to her 2011 virtual holiday album – Digital Portrait of a Christmas Champ.  On the cover, we’re introduced to a glimpse of her Twitter home page; over 19,000 followers, wow!

My 2011 Holiday Album

Digital Portrait of a Christmas Champ

Christmas Champ Twitter Page

Christmas Champ Twitter Page

As of 11/30/11:  494 Tweets, 2,177 Following, 19,394 Followers, and 92 Listed.

Her first page showcases Target Tweets of a spirited holiday shopper with a take no prisoners’ attitude. — Don’t we aspire to be just like her?

These are a few of my favorite Tweets …                                                                    Page 1

Christmas Champ Tweets

Christmas Champ – via Target Tweets

Next page, she’s created an homage to TV anchor Hoda Kotb’s shout-out from the November 30th Today Show.  Do you think Christmas Champ is on her way to becoming an American retail icon?

I’ve made it big-time, my personal brand has arrived!                                        Page 2

Hoda's Shout-out to Christmas Champ

November 30 Today Show Video

Page 3, selected fan favorites, a further testament to her personal branding success; never underestimate the power of humor.

I love my fan tweets – personal and emotional connections!                            Page 3

Fan Tweets

Sampled tweets from

The last page of her virtual album shows twitter surges coincide with her TV ad broadcasts and the Target 2-Day sale – Twitter has the potential to influence promotions.

Look my TV spots & Target’s Two Day Sale are a Twitter hit!                           Page 4

Tweet Stats

November 2011 Tweet Stats

Twinkle, Twinkle Twitter Star, now we do know what you are.  You’re a bright and shiny rising social media star.  You have the power to make television social, to build a loyal community, to promote special events, and connect emotionally with your followers.

I must confess, as you might have guessed, I’m a twitter follower of the Christmas Champ.  As a fan, I’m hoping next year Target will introduce us to her family.  And now, a special shout-out, “Hang in there, Christmas Champ.  It’s only a matter of time before you get your shoe deal.”

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