Social Media Champions of the London 2012 Olympic Games

All the world’s a stage.  ~ William Shakespeare

London 2012 Olympic GamesThree cheers for the games of the 30th Olympiad!  From start to finish, the Olympics captured our hearts and social media gave us a front row seat to the action as it unfolded.  In the realm of Twitter, the opening and closing ceremonies reigned supreme.  Who could forget the entrance of Queen Elizabeth with James Bond to kick off London 2012?  Overall, the Spice Girls closing ceremonies performance took top honors with 116,000 TPM (Tweets per minute).

We witnessed many memorable and history making moments throughout the Games; Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian and Gabby Douglas winning the gymnastics individual all-around, to name but a few.  Michael and Gabby showed us that Olympic success can carry over to social media wins.  Gaining an additional one million Twitter followers, Michael entered the pantheon of greats, based on Reuters reporting of data provided by social media monitor Starcount.  Not to be outdone, Gabby has been designated the leading up and comer by marketing firm Wildfire, based on the most fans by percentage growth on Facebook since July 27.

The Olympics is a global stage affording each athlete and event its own moment to shine.  CNN deemed Usain Bolt as the Social Media Olympic gold medalist of 2012.  Usain achieved this feat by being the most talked about athlete on Facebook and Twitter.  No doubt having a prominent Facebook and Twitter presence can translate into a branding bonanza notes Nick Thain, CEO of Sports New Media, with fan engagement being a key distinguishing factor.  Reflecting the global audience of the Games, soccer scored as the most talked about sport with over 5 million Tweets.

So, how did you watch the 30th Olympiad?  Who was your favorite Olympic athlete?  Share your thoughts on the most engaging moments of London 2012.

Vanaja R.

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Going for the Gold with Social Media

All sports for all people.  ~ Pierre de Coubertin

Going for the Gold with Social MediaIt’s almost here, the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics!  This year we’ll be able to connect with the athletes as never before.  Of course, coverage of the Games has always kept pace with the media of the times, from print in the 1890s to most recently, social media for the 2010 Vancouver Games.  This year though marks the world class entry of The Olympic Athletes’ Hub.  Featuring present and past Olympians, this virtual community aspires to forge a deeper connection with the fans.

There’s no doubt the London Olympics will be a win for the host city, but brands and businesses also have the opportunity to go for the gold.  Nimble companies using social media to engage with the consumer and to expand their global reach are favored to cross the finish line first.  And remember, it’s not just a sprint, but a marathon.  As Robert King of ClickSquared recently noted in AccurateLeads reporting of the Olympics as an advertising venue, businesses have the opportunity to go a step further; build customer loyalty for the long-term.  For those of you who’d like to get in the game and keep track of the social media standings of the 2012 London sponsors, the Holmes Report’s offers weekly analysis in partnership with Sociagility’s daily scoreboard.

So, which sports will you be following?  Do you have a favorite Olympic athlete?  Share your thoughts on interacting with the Games via social media.  After all, we’re sure to be winners for sharing in the spirit of athletic excellence.

Vanaja R.

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